My neighborhood #2

This neighbourhood sharing happens every Thursday on Jacqueline’s blog. We get to see other parts of the world. Why don’t you join us and let’s get to see other parts of the world.

In every popular city there are suburbs.

Let’s look at a suburb of Lagos. The streets, the schools and houses in it.

Streets Section


Here’s a Street in Egan, Lagos.


A main road that links to other streets in Egan.

Houses Section

House in the suburb – Akesan, Egan, Lagos




Primary School section



Okay, that’s all I’ve got for this week until next time.

My Neighbourhood : Lagos through my eyes

6 thoughts on “My neighborhood #2”

  1. Deb, thanks for allowing me to see your world through your eyes, what wonderful pictures. I will make sure to check in to see your other amazing neighborhood posts. It is interesting how we all are in this together ,and a neighborhood is a neighborhood, regardless where it is located.

    I didn’t thank you before about the Blog award a few weeks ago, I did not realize it was you Deb, I think I was saying thanks to the wrong person. So, thanks so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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