Stream of Consciousness #1

It is no lie and what I say will between us remain. I know how it feels like to be hurt, to be pushed down, spat at, ridiculed, called names. You go through the same things too? *sigh* I want the best out of life. Don't we all? Yet life never hands to us wealth,… Continue reading Stream of Consciousness #1


First Award here!

The Short black girl ( https://minisculediary.wordpress.com/2016/02/08/the-versatile-blogger-award/ ) nominated me for this award. There is nothing more lovely than getting recognized by other bloggers.... ( Rosmawrites quote paraphrased https://areadingwritr.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/twelfth-time/ ) Thanks a bunch Short Black Girl. God bless you. Seven facts about myself. 1. I am an avid reader. 2. In social media, I prefer to… Continue reading First Award here!


No longer home!

We used to play here We met in this place Our secret hideout was here We ate street food together Your home was mine We laughed together We cried together All we did, we did As beans in a pod So alike were we Suddenly, The Great Divide I came here That place we used… Continue reading No longer home!

Short Story

Evil averted – Fiction #2

Susan reported to the police, she told friends and family. She prayed more as she cooked, walked on the subway, early in the morning, late at night. This evil must pass. There was still so much to do. Her children are too young to lose their mother. She has so many things yet unfulfilled. She… Continue reading Evil averted – Fiction #2