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Did I Just Say That?…Streams of Consciousness Saturday

​I was dating a man my family did not approve of. He wanted to see me on a Saturday. I couldn’t because I had no excuse. The hanging out with friends excuse won’t work, because all my friends do not live in the area. My parents will permit my outing if it were work related.

“How about you pay me for my time?” I replied to his invite.
Did I just say that? Awkward!

Silence fell in between us.

“I mean….”


We both said at the same time.

He must think I am  mercenary.

I wanted to defend my statement, he put up his hands to stop me and said goodbye.

I knew that was the end. I walked away beating myself mentally until bedtime. 

Then I told myself. Deb, you’re a great person. You are awesome and if he loves you he will listen. He will be back for you.

In my heart, I knew that was the end of Solomon Grundy.

The prompt for this week is “Awkward”. Anchored by Joey of Joeyfully Stated and permitted by Linda G. Hill.

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