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Dear Friends,

Recently, I’ve been going through studies on waiting on God and I am also in the waiting period in my life. We don’t want to wait. I know I don’t want to wait. Close friends of mine know I can’t deal with anything slow. Slow chats, slow typing, slow writing, slow internet connection or even a very slow relationship… I will jump out of there. If you are anything remotely like me then you must understand how it feels like to ask from God and get nothing in return. Our eyes are closed and we can’t even predict the nearest future, yet we want to get up and get moving. We want to enter into any open door without asking the Lord. We want to do what we want and ask questions later. We want to fall and then ask God, “why didn’t you protect me?” We want to blame someone for our mistakes. If aren’t blaming God, we are blaming the devil. We are never at fault and that is where the problem lies.

We need to wait and ask the Lord, “Is this it? This path I’m about to embark on is it your perfect will for me?” Let me tell you something I have discovered in my walk with God over the years, “God will move heaven and earth in order to bring you to the centre of His will.” He will make you lose that job, fail that interview, stop your income, if only to make you walk out of that wrong relationship you are holding so tight to. When God set his affection on you, your journey will be longer if you have to always fight him and wrest with him. In Genesis, he said, my spirit will not always fight with men, so his days shall be 120 (Gen. 6:3). He was tired of the fact that men continued to do as they please to annoy him the way they like and remember, men lived up to 900 years and even beyond.

The times of waiting are the times He teaches you to solely depend on him. These are times, He makes you into the one who is more relaxed and would ask first before jumping, in these times of waiting, He will teach you patience and faith. In these times of waiting, he will make you a vessel yielded unto him.
One day, I was reading my Bible and I got angry. Why would so so person be a tool for destruction and the other person favoured? Then I remember, “shall the clay pots say to potter why have you made me so?” One of the most dangerous prayers or song you will ever pray is, “Lord, break me and mould me.” When the Lord wants to break that filthiness in you, when he wants to make you more patient, when he wants you to rely solely on him for everything you need, he takes you into the waiting room. I could feel Jesus pain, when he cried out, “My Father, why have you forsaken me?” He felt forsaken. When you are in the waiting room, you will be angry at some point, you will feel forsaken but there is light at the end of that tunnel. There is hope for you. The Israelites cried, “we don’t know what to do but our eyes are on you.” (2Chr. 20:12)
A song writer sang, “We wait on you, Lord we wait on you.”

2 Chronicles 20:12

Waiting on God is the place where you are refined in the fire but you don’t ever come out the same way. You come out fiery, you come out bold, you come out ready to take on the world. People will marvel at your success but they won’t see the times you had to work and there was nothing to show for it, nobody sees the tears you had to cry in secret because of failed relationships, no one will see the times you had to go hungry with a smile on your face. No one will see the times you were in despair and at life’s end of the rope but they will see the result of the waiting. They will shout, “God when?” Sometimes when people say, God when, I’d wonder if they understand what they are asking for, they are asking for the process. They are asking to go through what that person went through.

Not every Christian can wait. Some find the shortest cut available but I would rather wait, than become ex-rich lady or married but suffering under domestic violence…
Dear friends, make your wait shorter by asking the Lord what he expects of you. The faster you finish your course, the easier it is to be promoted to the next level.
If I have anything more to write, I will write you again soon but in the meantime, rest because the One who loves you does not forget His own.

Until next time,
Keep basking in His Love,


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