Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

Lovers Trouble

Sade and Kunle sat in the yellow painted room. They had been arguing and it felt like they were both frustrated with what they have.


“Why don’t we just take a break, from this relationship?” Sade said.
“That’s the same thing as leaving. I don’t understand it. I love you and you love me….”
“Then why do you have these thoughts about me?” She butts in.
Kunle knelt in front of Sade who sat on the stool.
“I don’t know. Maybe you give me these impressions.”
Sade suddenly felt the air around her go stale, the walls seem to closing in on her and the tears threatening to fall constricts her throat and she could say nothing.  Disappointment flooded her. She stood up and picked her red handbag which was on the dining table.
“Let me call you when I get to Victoria Island.”

He stood up, this time facing her.

“All right. Greet your mother for me.”
“Will do.”
Sade walked to the door and Kunle hugged her from behind before she could open the door.
“Think about us. Will you?”
“I will.”

Sade walked into the open air, the man she left behind was her lover for three months but she couldn’t think of continuing this relationship. She was open to him, the chatter box, he knew almost everything about her but he was closed off on so many things. She just had an intuition that he was hiding something and also he never talks about his family.

The phone rang out her favorite song of all time.

I just called to say I love you

“Hey Toria!”
“Where are you?”
“Been around.”
“I don’t see you around. Your boyfriend’s monopolizing you after the bank. What’s going on Sade? We don’t get to hang out anymore like we used to.”
“Can we see right now?”
“Sure. I’m so bored and we can have a drink.”
“We don’t have to wait till our girls’ night out?”
“Girls’ night out is one week away. Let’s meet.”
“Which joint do you have in mind?”
“Ocean Blue.”
Sade glanced at the wristwatch on her right hand.
“I’ll see you in five.”
“Yipeee!” Toria jumped for joy. Toria hurriedly put on her jeans and turtle neck top and slipped her feet into her black flip flops. She put her wallet into her front pocket, then her small phone into the back pocket.


Sade got to Ocean Blue first and she was just settling down when Toria stood in front of her.

“How do you that?”
“Do what?” Toria crossed her arms, smiling.
“Creeping up at people and startling them is not a good lady etiquette.”
“That makes me special doesn’t it?”
Sade shook her head, stood up to hug Toria. They held each other for a bit longer than usual.

“Been like a lifetime I saw you last,” Toria said and the moisture gathered in her eyes.

“Don’t you dare go all mushy on me. I wouldn’t want to ruin my make up by joining you in the crying party.”

Toria laughed. They both went to the bar and got different non-alcoholic drinks with 0.05% alcohol content. The drinks were not in any way bitter, that was an unspoken agreement between them. The got pepper soup and catfish on the tray and went to their table.
They took the pepper soup in silence and only started to talk when they were through.
“How are you?” They both started talking at the same time.
“You first,” Toria said.
“No, you first,” Sade said.

“I’ve being missing you.”
Sade nodded. “That’s obvious.”
“My boss has been harassing me sexually.”
“The last time I checked you had a female boss.”
“My point exactly.”
“Oh no! Don’t tell me. She’s Les.”
“More like a bisexual.”
Sade let out a low whistle.
“Who could have thought….” She trailed off.

“After this month, I’ll tender my resignation letter. Enough about me. What about you?”

“Kunle and I had a serious quarrel.”

“No way!”

Sade took a long sip from her drink. “He gives me the impression that he’s too good for me, he makes me feel like he is doing me a favour by dating me. I told him about it and he is a bit confused about why he acts the way he does.”

“You need to calm down. Do you still love him?”

“I do love him and that’s what make this hurt.” Sade eyes moistened so fast.

“How do you know these things?”

“Take for instance, the other day we were talking he asked me if I was serious about him, he said he couldn’t bring me to meet some people if I am not up to some standards he expects from me.”

“What did you tell him.”

“I didn’t think much about it. I just … Just was too blind to see how important those words are. I laughed it off but later those came back to me.”

Toria smiled.

“The things we do when we are in love.”

“What am I going to do now?”

“You decide, but I think you should take some time away from each other. Get your feelings to the back burner and then use your brain. You have to measure the pros and cons.”

“I will be visiting my mother at Victoria Island. I hope the few days away will help me clear my mind and make right decisions.”

Sade and Toria stood up.
“I’ll miss you babe,” Toria hugged Sade.

“I will miss you too.”

Toria drew her friend in arms length.

“I am just a phone call away.”

“I can always count on your support.”

They both walked out. Sade had to get home first, before heading to V.I, Toria went back to her place. Sade was however hopeful after the meet up with her friend that she will scale through this relationship hurdle.

In response to RonovanWrites Friday prompt “Have a drink.”

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