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Word High July…Day five (Kalinaw)



Kalinaw – Serenity, tranquility

Calmness deep
In my soul

Stillness brings me
To peaceful existence

Bliss attained
Refines the thoughts

Am invigorated
Returned strength abides

Smiley face
Hope for tomorrow

© Deborah Glover, 2016


Image credit; Maria Saif. The Shangrila, Pakistan.

The Word High July writing challenge is still on. You can join in, for me it has been beautiful.

Thanks Rosema for doing what you do best. I could write that Janaku poetry up there because you wrote yours and shared with the world. I learnt. Hopefully, the other types of poetry I learnt by reading yours will surface before this challenge runs out.

Thanks Maria for co-hosting this challenge. I’ll storm your hood one of these days and find all the awesome stuff you’ve been giving the world.

Until next time y’all!


7 thoughts on “Word High July…Day five (Kalinaw)”

  1. Awwe… you’ve surely painted our faces with smiles while reading your hope-filled poem, Deb. Wonderfully done and you’re nailing this form. 😀


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