Lia explained what being in love feels like to her. I smiled. It does sound like a 20 year old me. After many years of dating scene and finally getting married to my husband, I have true picture of what love looks and feels like.

Love is more than that squishy feeling in your heart when you look at the person you love. In fact, on most days I don’t feel that way.
Love is like a bright sunshine after many days of rain and windy nights. When I look at him and wonder what I did to deserve him. When I hold him in my arms in the mornings, I am moved to pray and pray for him, the fear of losing him to sickness or death reels inside of me and moves me to tears as I commit him to God in prayers.
I see all his imperfections and I love him in spite of them. His quirks -when he squeezes his nose and the way he sneaks up on me when I’m not watching, the way he puts a white cloth over his head to act ghost…

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Love feels bitter when we are speaking the truth to one another. When he is telling me what I did wrong or when I’m telling him what he did wrong. Love is that bitter taste when you have to apologise because you know you were wrong and you have to diffuse the tension in the air.
Love is that inability to sleep when its past your bedtime because your beloved is still out.
Love is that concern for your beloved safety and the choices he makes when you are not there.
Love is that smile and back rub when you feel bad about your day.
Love is that solidarity and bold front when people try to hurt you.
Love is putting his needs before yours and putting yours before his.
Love is that warm hug at the end of the day hustle that reassures you that come what may, you are not alone.

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Love is that support for your dreams and the voice that cheers you on to victory. The voice that encourages you when you feel like throwing in the towel.
Love is many things but it is not oppressive. It doesn’t make you wonder about your place. You know you are loved and secure.
It’s no wonder the Bible says, God is Love.


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