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Words of Wisdom #15

How do you speak?

Many times, we’ve had quarrels that could have been avoided. We are advised many a time to practice active listening but today I want us to look into this subject.


When you discuss with friends, family and even foes you need to be mindful of the choice of words. We often time get on the wrong side with someone else because we said something in the way we shouldn’t have said it.

For example,

Cara: I would like to go for a dinner date.
Mike: What do you need a dinner date for? I need to work late to keep things moving.
Cara (bursting into tears): You don’t care about me anymore, after we got engaged. You’ve had excuses all the time. Work! Work!! and Work!!!

The whole friction could have been avoided if Cara told her fiancé that she felt neglected by him and Mike would have not answered the way he did. Also, if he had told her “I’ve been quite busy for a while and I’ve not been paying you attention. I promise things will change soon.”

That would have settled it.
My question is, “How do you speak?”


In response to Jacqueline’s Tuesday trickles.

I decided to do the Word of
Wisdom section this Tuesday a bit differently.
I hope you like it.

Until next time,

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