Made for More

I have read a lot of books and articles in recent times. Advice bombards my mind from here and there. They say I should make a practice of writing everyday whether it is junk or not. Some say that being a writer does not mean I must sit at my desk and write every day since I have a full time job which pays the bills. Truth be told, these contradicting words, do put in a fix. Am I doing enough? Or am I lagging behind? Am I allowing the pursuit for money hold me back from doing what I truly love to do? Is there any end to it at all?

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If there is something I understand quite well, it is the addiction to books. The love of owning a lot of books and reading them at leisure. Reading, yes reading almost became extinct until I found out a way of keeping up with my love for reading. Audiobooks. I would come back to that later. Yes, reading different thoughts can swap your soul, it can make or break you. It can lift or destroy you. You get used to so many voices and style of writing that you begin to wonder if yours exist at all. If what you are writing is an original voice of yours and not a parody of some other person’s work. A wise man once said that there is nothing new under the sun, all we have is a mix of what has been.

When I reluctantly returned to my blog site, I was at a loss. What am I going to write? What is there to say that has not been said? Do I have anything worthwhile to share? I had to bring together covers of books I had written in a photo collage and post them here. Mind you, half of these books are still in first draft the remaining has been published in eBook format. There is always a tussle in my mind between doing what I love and paying attention to business and making money for my immediate needs.

Last year, I got married to the love of my life and yes, life has been a little easier for me. I get support and an accountability partner free of charge 😊. The best thing that can happen to anyone is a supportive partner. Someone who is eager to see you rise and help you fight the demons aiming to pull you down. Unlike some ladies, I do not see marriage as a retirement program and this means that I still have to work and support my husband with the family bills.

Writing is supposed to be a full-time job and most of us can’t afford the luxury of doing so. I am very sure that most of the renown authors today didn’t start full-time, they did it in spite of the full-time jobs, some are mothers who have to wake up before dawn to write a few words before starting the day. Writing takes a whole lot of discipline. It takes determination to get words down in the face of opposition. No one will give you the permission to write, you have to give yourself the permission to write. You have to fight against the distractions. Put off your internet or log out of your Facebook, put your phone on silence so you don’t get distracted by notifications.

I know I am made for more but you see the day-to-day struggles especially in a place like Nigeria, will leave feeling disgruntled and unthankful. However, I choose a different disposition. I choose to be happy and satisfied with what I have. Choose not to look over the fence and compare my life with others.

God wiliing, I will put in more effort into writing more often and putting my thoughts out here. I know that when I do this, I will build the mental strength to handle writing and I hope to God I won’t burn out.

It has been seven years on this space and I’ve created friendships (Jacqueline, Amanda and Grandma Neta) that has gone beyond WordPress to Facebook, Instagram and even mails. Maybe some day, I will meet my friends in the physical world but even if we don’t, my life has been better for been here and reading their thoughts.

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