The Layers

Unseen Underneath the layers Of your heart Are words unspoken I see then in your eyes I hear them in your voice I feel them in your touch The burning coals Those ones in your heart Those ones you suppress Those ones that restricts you Standing between you and I Concealed Underneath these layers Of… Continue reading The Layers

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Words of Wisdom #15

⭐ How do you speak? Many times, we've had quarrels that could have been avoided. We are advised many a time to practice active listening but today I want us to look into this subject. HOW DO YOU SPEAK? When you discuss with friends, family and even foes you need to be mindful of the… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #15

Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes

Lovers Trouble

Sade and Kunle sat in the yellow painted room. They had been arguing and it felt like they were both frustrated with what they have. "Why don't we just take a break, from this relationship?" Sade said. "That's the same thing as leaving. I don't understand it. I love you and you love me...." "Then… Continue reading Lovers Trouble

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Word High July…Day five (Kalinaw)

Kalinaw Kalinaw - Serenity, tranquility The Calmness deep In my soul The Stillness brings me To peaceful existence The Bliss attained Refines the thoughts I Am invigorated Returned strength abides A Smiley face Hope for tomorrow © Deborah Glover, 2016 Image credit; Maria Saif. The Shangrila, Pakistan. ***** The Word High July writing challenge is… Continue reading Word High July…Day five (Kalinaw)