Short Story

Evil averted – Fiction #2

Susan reported to the police, she told friends and family. She prayed more as she cooked, walked on the subway, early in the morning, late at night.

This evil must pass. There was still so much to do. Her children are too young to lose their mother.

She has so many things yet unfulfilled. She has not started that small business she has been planning all this while. Her autobiography is still in chapter one. There’s that orphanage home she determines to build much later….

Susan lived in fear and kept praying the whole week.

The man was killed.
It was there was there in the News.

This man caught in gunfire between the soldiers and armed robbers. The man though not part of either group was just as deadly. From the investigations the man was discovered to be an assassin. He killed people to satisfy his blood thirst.

Pictures of the people he had killed were shown on the TV.

Susan husband’s picture flashed on the TV.

She wept. Tears of joy because the man was dead; tears of regret because her husband was one of the men he has killed.

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