No longer home!

We used to play here
We met in this place
Our secret hideout was here
We ate street food together
Your home was mine

We laughed together
We cried together
All we did, we did
As beans in a pod
So alike were we

The Great Divide

I came here
That place we used to play
Our secret hideout
I saw the stalls
Where those women sold
I have returned here
Without you
But it’s no longer home.

1 thought on “No longer home!”

  1. This reminds me of my life. For the first time, I am living away from the state I was born. I’ve been in my new location for a little over a year. I miss home, but when I go home things are not the same. I have learned, the home I know is in my heart. I get to carry that and the memories every where….. I enjoyed the read.


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