Still Alone.

I love him.

My heart is feeling sad that we can’t agree on the point of religious beliefs.

He loves me too. 
Love has never been enough. That I realise over and over. 

As I told him tonight that we shouldn’t be together if we can’t agree on this, I felt my just mending heart ripped again. This time it doesn’t even hurt. It’s like a normal thing by now. 

I hate this life. 

I know, I need someone in my life.

I feel incomplete.

I thought, he is the One.

We connected on everything except this one vital place.

God, I need my other half.

I want someone who will plan with me and support me.

I want someone to get back home to.

I want someone who not only loves me for me but someone who understands me.

I want strong arms to hold me each night.

Someone who will with his whispers take my fears away.

I don’t want to be alone anymore.

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