What is life?

A spoke some truths here about what life is. I totally agree.



Life is not about setting high goals and trying to out-perform everybody else out there. Life is not about trying to please everybody. Life is not about silently suffering when it becomes too damn much. Life is not about getting everything. Life is not about following others. Life is not that at all. Life is too short for all that.
Life is about out-doing your own expectations. Life is about trying to be a better person in your own eyes. Life is about taking a stand. Life is about giving everything you have. Life is about making out-of-the-world choices. Life is about being happy. Life is about trying not to have regrets. Life is about dancing in the rain. Life is about singing in the shower. Life is about admiring yourself in the mirror. Life is about smiling at strangers. Life is about crying when it becomes too much to…

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To my damaged friends.

To my damaged friends Who have being hurt Once and again. To my damaged friends Bludgeoned by circumstances. To my damaged friends Stab by betrayal From family, from friends. To my damaged friends Clubbed by pain From lovers To my friends all over the world Who walk this road With a chip on the shoulders… Continue reading To my damaged friends.