Still Alone.

I love him. My heart is feeling sad that we can't agree on the point of religious beliefs. He loves me too.  Love has never been enough. That I realise over and over.  As I told him tonight that we shouldn't be together if we can't agree on this, I felt my just mending heart… Continue reading Still Alone.


What Are You Afraid Of?…

A lot of us feed our fears and they get in the way.

From today on, I choose to starve my fears. I rise above them all.

a cooking pot and twisted tales


What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid that you might prove the inner voice of fear wrong and frighten yourself by succeeding?

There is nothing to fear in your pursuits, but everything to gain.

If you pause to listen to the silence within, there is teeny-weeny voice that nudges you in the direction to take in your aspirations and then there is also the other louder voice in the cacophony of voices telling you not to do it.

That loud voice saying not to do it is the voice of fear and it is just our self-imposed limitations. How do you know?

Strip it of all make-up and take a hard look. There is most probably no substance to its cacophony. Everyone has this voice of fear. The only difference in each person is how strong or how weak the voices within them are.

The strength of the voice depends…

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