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The Writing Craft From My Point of View

It is no surprise that books have flooded the market – Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo and the likes. I have seen people with talent. I have read good books that may not sell as much as the writerfornts. I have come across bad books and I wonder why they ever wrote something at all, to traumatize me? Arggghh! Many people feel writing is an easy feat. Perhaps, because we were all taught to read and write, it looks normal for people to see it as common and easy even though it is not. Writers of whatever genre, fiction or non-fiction, prose or poetry have the ability to create. The create something out of nothing. The bring events and experiences to life. They take you to places and give you information within the space of a few minutes or hours. Many people do not believe writers should be paid for writing. I will ask though, do you administer drugs for free? Do you take pictures for free? Do you work as a mechanic for free? Even standup comedians are paid. Sportsmen and sportswomen get paid for what they do. So why are writers any different? When you produce a book, most of the time friends and family want you to give to them free. The other day I was telling a friend about a book Petra Jacobs wrote: Riddled with senses. He asked if I have a copy of the book and I said that I don’t have it because I have been struggling financially to make ends meet. The next he said was “Why don’t she give you the book free?” I am a fellow writer and I will never demand for a book free because I understand the pain a writer goes through before a book finally gets published. I will rather wait until I am able to afford the book than ask another writer to give me her book free. When writers give out free eBooks, I am always overwhelmed with emotion. This is a lot of sacrifice, I say to myself. Writing is an art that drains your physical strength, takes your precious time, your emotions and your thinking. It steals you away from family at odd times and if you are not careful, you get to be labeled a misfit. Writers create and for that they should be well remunerated. While money has never been the motivating factor for writers, I must say that these people have financial commitments and they have to deal with it. I have heard of artists go broke from time to time, I have heard the word “hungry authors” time and time again and it sends a message to our subconscious that writers should not write for the sake of making profit from their work. Writers also give people the impression that writing is a hobby, a pastime that doesn’t need to be in the centre of things. When you tell people that I am working on a writing project, the next question is “What are you doing to get a job?” or “Give me your CV, let me help you find a job.” Writers give out an impression that says “I am a doctor. Writing is a talent so I don’t really need to make money out of it.” And this is sad. Yes, no writer goes into writing for the sake of becoming a millionaire but some of us happen to find a big break. A book you did not believe in, sells in millions and boom! You’re rich, famous and talented. You start Charity foundations (if you so please) or commit to some worthy cause around the world. You write something on twitter and it is trending. I speak to writers, Value your work, it is worth paying for. I mean, you type long hours, you brainstorm, write and rewrite your manuscript, you wake in the middle of the night when ideas flow, you have been labelled crazy, your work has been edited and criticized, then you paid for the book cover before you got to where you are – a published writer/author. If anyone would read your work for free, they should appreciate your good work. Do not allow anyone to call you derogatory statements because you have an ability they don’t have. I studied Biology education in school, do you know how many questions people ask me when they get to know that I write. “Do you have a published book?” “No. I am working on a few writing project.” “What do you do?” That part of the question always shocks me. I just told you I am working on a few writing project. I begin to realize that, the real question is “What do you do that fetches you money?” “Why did you study Biology when you were going to be a writer?” This one translates into “How are you going to be able to work in a media house when you don’t have a certificate that backs up your talent?” I am a writer and use every opportunity to learn more about my craft, because I know that the sky is no limit when nature and learning ccombines. Until next time, Blessings!

3 thoughts on “The Writing Craft From My Point of View”

  1. A really thoughtful blog, you always express things so beautifully. It is odd that people think certain jobs should be done for the love of it, as if the money might taint it. I think teaching was always badly paid for the same reason, that only changed when people stopped training to teach. That said, if you think Riddled is a book you’d like to read, (and I’m aware it’s not a book for everyone) I’m happy to send you a copy. Write to me at and thank you for the mention 🙂

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