The Skies are Laced with Hope

It is a new year. Exactly twenty days into the new year. I started the year with so many apprehensions and indecisions. I finally got the laptop I have always wanted. I have always thought that the possession of a laptop will make my work any easier but it only helped to the extent I use it.
I worked last year as a secretary in a Fashion Institute. It was a contract job that ended November 2017. I really don’t want to go back to work there this year. I was stretched beyond limits. I worked from 8 AM to 8 PM most days and it was telling on every aspect of my life. My weight was in a decline, I could not blog, I could not read blogs, I could not read a book except for weekends and even on those weekends I sleep as though I am sedated. I couldn’t visit friends, except for times when I saw Saheed (once in three months or thereabout).
My only social life was on social media. At a point, I couldn’t write on my facebook timeline, I wrote pieces of my thoughts, posted a song I was listening to but I did more of reading what others were writing or comment on the posts I read. I had no personal reading of the Bible and I prayed only as I moved from work home and vice versa. Thank God for Sunday services and family devotions, those were catering for my spiritual needs.
Work was stressing me out and I was so irregular in writing or blogging.
After work ended in November 2017 and I bought a second hand laptop, I rested a lot. I joined an international Writers Group on Facebook and then my android touch pad began to malfunction. The phone must have fallen off my hand or the table about ten times and it had gotten cracks here and there. It was no surprise when I could not use my phone but the phone issue chose a very wrong time to malfunction. It was Christmas. I had no phone to send messages or reply to messages. I was hoping my friends won’t think my not replying equals arrogance. I had no paying job; hence I could not repair the phone. It was the festive period and there was fuel scarcity in Nigeria. Transport fares sky rocketed, prices of commodities increased too. I managed to get information to a few friends that I had phone issues and I was in no way social media active like I used to be. This period for me had it advantage and disadvantage. I was able to write. I used my book and pen The more I used my pen and book, I was losing my love for Android phone. Finally I repaired my phone this week Tuesday and the drive was just not there.

I sauntered into 2018 clueless. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in year. Well, I had a vague picture but that was it.

I want to do more of Editing and reviewing books this year.
I want to finish my poetry book
I want to complete a novel.

At the moment, I don’t have an 8 to 8 job, and I am not interested in letting any job take over my life like the last one did.

I was scared. How do I survive doing a non-paying job – writing?

I am currently seeking for a part time job. It might pay lesser than what I earned monthly last year but I know the satisfaction of completing my books would supersede the money I work for and yet do not enjoy. I intend to blog more this year. I will not turn opportunities away because I am afraid. I dare to follow through on my dream though the path looks scary. I trust Jesus to hold my hand and see me through it.

I will put up another post about my blog weekly schedule. God bless you all. May 2018 bring us pleasant surprises.

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