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Broken by Ufuomaee… A review

This book is not just another tragic tale. While the title may seem so, it got me reading from start to finish.
Promise was molested by her favourite Uncle at a young age and that was the beginning that set her on a self-destructive part. She really could not love neither did sex mean anything sacred. Sex was casual and when love came hitting her in the face, she went for it and then straight to the altar without putting into consideration the problems that might await her.

The major characters in the story narrated the story either to a counselor or a group of people. The story brought to my notice salient points like premarital sexual relationships, Extramarital sexual relationships and Choice of life partner.
In the story, Promise was already promiscuous and she had multiple sex partners before she met the man who stole her heart. She was deep into the premarital sex and it brings questions to my mind.

  • Does premarital sex affect ones’ marital relationship?
  • Does it make you compare between the former men/women and the man/woman you are in this matrimony with?
  • Is there always going to be an insatiable lust to go into extramarital affairs?
  • Is premarital sex one of the major factor why some individuals find it hard to be faithful to their spouses?
  • Why is premarital sex held in high esteem in our world today in spite of the troubles it brings?

I would like you to think about these questions which Ufuomaee did her best to answer with her story. She did not mince words when she wove a tale that gave answers to these questions. Perhaps, it is not as extreme in the real world as she made it to be.
The man Promise married was supposedly a Christian and I understand for the sake of fiction that certain things can be twisted to suit the story plot. Nevertheless, I do not agree with the decision Ope made to marry a woman with an immoral lifestyle. He knew what he was going into, she didn’t try to pretend one bit and yet he felt he was led by God to go ahead and marry such a woman. He was under the delusion that love would be enough to make an immoral woman faithful. I feel this was his undoing. Love is never enough and we all can save ourselves the heartaches and pain that comes with making wrong choices.
Extramarital sex as portrayed in this book had its many disadvantages, when laid parallel to the advantages showed that it is useless going that route.
The book, Broken, will make you see that even when you think all hope is lost, it really does get better. There can be a rainbow at the end of a rainy day.
This my first review ever. What do you think about it? Are there things I can change or improve on to make it better? I would like honest feedback. The eBook is free and you can get it on Okada books. Download the app, search for the book and download it on your device. You can read it offline and on the go.

The audio version is also free on Mixsie.

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3 thoughts on “Broken by Ufuomaee… A review”

  1. Thanks for reading and sharing your review with me. I understand your hesitation with believing Ope’s revelation, just as Ope said no one else but Cindy believed it. However, though you think it is implausible and contrary to God’s will, if God called Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman to show His love and heartbreak towards Israel, it is not impossible for Him to make an exceptional call in a modern man’s life. Do you believe the Hosea story?

    I definitely wouldn’t encourage a Believer to marry an unbeliever, but the story was a modern day telling of the Hosea story to illustrate God’s love for a broken world. I think you missed that message. However, I appreciate the other issues you highlighted. I guess the issue of pre-marital is dear to you. I also wanted to show the damage caused by child sexual abuse in the sexual development and lifestyle of victims. I hope that message was also clear.

    Thanks again!

    Blessings, Ufuoma.

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    1. I’m at the place where Promise is waking up from the nightmare with Tony in it.Couldn’t wait till the end to comment on how eye opening this book is👍👍👍

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