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Broken by Ufuomaee… A review

TITLE : BROKEN AUTHOR: UFUOMAEE CATEGORY: FICTION NUMBER OF WORDS : 33,820 This book is not just another tragic tale. While the title may seem so, it got me reading from start to finish. Promise was molested by her favourite Uncle at a young age and that was the beginning that set her on a… Continue reading Broken by Ufuomaee… A review

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The Writing Craft From My Point of View

It is no surprise that books have flooded the market – Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo and the likes. I have seen people with talent. I have read good books that may not sell as much as the writerfornts. I have come across bad books and I wonder why they ever wrote something at all, to… Continue reading The Writing Craft From My Point of View