An open letter to a fellow blogger

Dear Jacqueline,

I have silently and faithfully gone through your photos on the “Echoes of my neighbourhood”. I was there when you brought up the idea. I was excited about it but I did know that I would be reluctant to share pictures of my neighbourhood.

You have beautiful places to show of Dubai. What I have pales in comparison. I have pictures on my phone and I stare at them and scroll to the next picture. Who wants to the dusty streets? Colourful gates of that primary school, the part of Oshodi market that has been destroyed, or BRT bus stops, beggars that line up the road etc.

There are of course beautiful places in Lagos but those places are not my neighbourhood.

Well, I wrote this just in case I got you wondering.


16 thoughts on “An open letter to a fellow blogger”

  1. Deb my dear,
    I am a Lagos girl today, tomorrow and forever and believe when I say that Lagos holds a big huge spot in my life that no other place in the World can fulfil. We are not looking for only glitzy and glamorous , that is all lovely, but pictures are what they are. They speak a thousand words. You choose the story that you want to tell. Having lived in Lagos, I know the good the bad and the ugly sides of it and every part of it makes it yours and my Lagos. Your neighbourhood is not just your immediate radius, but your vicinity that extends beyond and the last time I checked, my Country Nigeria is big, bold, crazy and beautiful World of 173 million plus humans. Now that is one big neighbourhood.
    Please go happy clicking and tell your tales.

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  2. Deb,
    If I may say so, please post each and every photo of Lagos that touches your heart for surely, they will touch someone else’s too. Dubai, NY, Tokyo are all great cities with tall structures that touch the sky but they are artificial and all remarkably similar with their blue glassed buildings and automated human beings inside. It is in cities like Kathmandu, Lagos, Mexico City, New Delhi that we see the real life of people and not those in artificial environments. We need to see and appreciate the beauty that is or was in them.
    Please do post them.

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  3. love it… that header photo just blows me away: my greatest love, and my greatest fear (books and heights) in one shot. What a mixed emotion! Looking forward to your Laos (and other) photos. I can’t get around to new places (or even old places) anymore, so I look for others’ adventures. 🙂

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  4. Hi …I would love to see pics of all the different places in the world .. including the places that we may never get to visit like Lagos. And you can get to know a country best by going into the alleys and by ways. I think Echoes of my neighbourhood is a beautiful idea … look forward to visiting Lagos through your lense.

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