My neighbourhood #1


I took this from the pedestrian bridge at a popular commercial area in Lagos, Oshodi market.


What you see in this picture is a better view of the site. In this place there were about a hundred shops and it was bursting to life. Why the governor decided to do this I won’t understand. Many Lagosians bought and sold there.


Photo credit ; Mine.

P.S – The ping back thing, I don’t know where it hides. FYI, I use an android.

6 thoughts on “My neighbourhood #1”

  1. Am sure the government has a better plan for d site. Though it may seems so tough basically for the business men n women who do their business here, am sure the government action is for growth of the city.

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  2. Hi Deb,

    I enjoyed reading this.

    Some government policies seem quite harsh when viewed from the human angle, clearing up that site at Oshodi has affected the livelihoods of the traders, which is very sad. It’s better if the government finds a way to relocate traders to alternative sites before driving them away.

    On the other hand, I know that certain government policies have made Oshodi a lot safer than it used to be. Years ago, area boys dominated the area with their reign of terror.


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