Falling into the silence

As the golden sun
Sinks into the sky
Across the horizon birds fly
Dark draws near

Standing by the bed
A cautious bed spread
Smooth and soft
A pillow, cover cloth and me

So it’s bedtime again
Lying on the bed
Trying to rest
My tired bones and weary feet

Then I remember
Those Unwritten stories,
Those unpublished posts
Those unfinished assignments

I would rather write till it hurts
I would rather listen to music
I would rather work some more
I would rather fill my head with crazy musing

It’s bedtime again
In the dark I find no solace
Waiting for that sweet lady- Sleep
Whose kisses lure me

To the land of dreams
where spirits meet.

© Deborah Glover, 2016


Image credit: m.123RF.com

In response to daily post prompt Bedtime

13 thoughts on “Falling into the silence”

  1. How true! You are tired and need rest, but your mind will make you remember of all the unfinished works needing attention,prompting you to work till it hurts.But who can defy the Angel of Sleep!She comes down spreading her wings,engulf into her sweet embrace,taking us to the bright land of spirits! Beautiful poem! 🙂

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