City of Bricks… Friday Fiction

City of Bricks

He had no other intentions at heart, these brick walls must be finished before dawn. He set the men to work, no one slept the lights were on. The women cooked and some helped carry sand and cement, the children were not left out either. It was either this or the enemy invasion.

Provided they followed the master plan, no one will be able to access this fortress. They worked tirelessly. They sang when they were getting tired, they told tales, no one mentioned the impending doom that will befall the city in a few hours time.

The moon gradually disappeared into the sky and the morning came slowly. Then the shouts from the horses hoofs, whinning and shouts of an army reached their ears. It was still far away but they could fall upon them in any minute. By this time the walls were almost completed.

The women held the babes to their throbbing breasts and the little children clung to their mother’s wrappers. They were all filled with fear. As the army came closer, the brick walls were complete. The men sweaty and smelly hugged each other, patting each other, the women had tears of joy in their eyes.

They were now protected in the City of Bricks, a city without gate bound by a magical spell.

Image Credit; Pixabay.com

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