Short Story

Stories I Do Not Tell

Pants, moans and groans filled the room, sweaty bodies and the smell of sex filled the air.

Cindy did not mind this lifestyle. This was the fifth man this week, one night stands all of them.
The more she indulged herself, the harder it was to pull herself away from the thrill of having sex with different men.
As soon as the man came inside her, she stood up and went into the bathroom to clean herself. Cindy had rules, you can’t kiss her, you can’t go down on her and she would not do any of the lovers or sex partners small talk.
Kissing and oral sex were two intimate part of sex she regarded as making love. It wasn’t for her.

“Richard, you should get going.”

The man sprawled butt naked on the bed and he opened his eye in the most lazy manner.

“Richmond lady.”
“Whatever, I need you out.”
Richmond sat up in bed glanced at the wall clock to his left.
“It is fucking late, baby.” He arose in all his naked glory and walked a few steps to the naked belligerent lady.
Cindy had her arms folded beneath her full breasts hanging down in an exquisite but tempting way.
“Please, let me stay the night.”
“You have to sleep on the floor, I can’t share my bed.”
“Huh?” Richmond blinked twice and the laughter bubbling from his stomach he tried to quell but he still burst into some good natured laugh.
“I’m happy you find me amusing.” Cindy cuts into his joyous moment like hot knife sliding through butter, Richmond stopped laughing.
“Pardon me but we just shared a bed.”
“No we had sex on the bed but we didn’t share it unconscious.”
“I see.” Richmond said and nodded even though nothing about this bizzare woman made sense every passing minute.
“Whatever space you give me, I’ll take it.”

“The floor.”

Richmond put on his boxers and lay down on the flat mattress Cindy offered. Cindy had the lights off, except for the streak of moonlight coming through the window, the room was in pitch dark.

He couldn’t sleep, not after been relegated to the floor. He turned to his side and that side.

How can a woman be this heartless?

He kept turning and tossing in the dark, after a while he picked up his phone to scroll through his Facebook feed and he saw Shakira online, the green button was there all right.
Shakira was his girlfriend who he was keeping till marriage.
He checked the time, it was 1.30 AM.
He didn’t chat with her, he kept reading Facebook posts and making comments. At the same time, he would go to Facebook at different intervals to check if Shakira had gone offline.

After an hour, he couldn’t bear it anymore.
Who knew the man she was chatting with? Richmond was angry.
He logged off his Facebook and he sat up to look at Cindy. She was all covered up in a blanket, sleeping peacefully. All the tight lines that holds her lips firm earlier was gone, she looked so beautiful and vulnerable.
Something twisted inside him, he felt this strong urge to protect her from the world and even from the demons that torments her.
The fan suddenly began to roll. The PHCN restored power, he shut his eyes and opened them again.
He checked the time it was 2.35 AM, it was true what they said about the watched pot that never boils.
“Stop it,” Cindy slurred from her sleep and her eyelids were still closed.
Richmond smiled his eyes still fixed on her.

Oh, she sleep talks.

Cindy sat up, disoriented and in one quick motion picked a golf stick close to her bed and aimed at Richmond.
Richmond did not even see it coming but he rolled from my the place he sat at the sight of the object.
Cindy eyes were luminescent, the pupils turn from black to golden.
“Can’t you obey a simple instruction?”
Richmond heart skipped a beat. It was too early to go home, he should have known she was no ordinary girl.
Richmond held his breathe, knelt and bowed.
“Good boy,” Cindy said. She lay down and slept off again.

Richmond lay back on the mattress. He began to count the ceiling, recite the Lord’s Prayer, recite multiplication table from two times to twelve times. He was tired and feeling sleepy but with his life in danger, he couldn’t.

Dear God, I won’t ever commit fornication with an unknown person. I will never have sex with a stranger, I’ll sleep with Shakira instead. Only her. I did not bargain to die like this. Please Jesus, if you are really really up there just save me…

He kept praying all sorts of prayers yet sleep stole across his face.

© Booky Glover, 2019

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