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Feeling Overwhelmed

Last night, I was overwhelmed with how much I have on my plate. These days I get so busy and I find it hard to keep in touch with friends. It has been a major flaw for as long as I can remember. However, it is in times like this, I wish someone will just reach out and say “Hey B, how are you doing?”

I was so concerned. Can I even marry or date me? How will that work out?

It is so ironic that we want the treatment we can’t give. We scream about the golden rule from the top of our roofs and yet we don’t live by it. I voiced my concern to a friend of mine who bothered to reach out to me. Here’s what he said,

“You have a flaw and you can’t cope with it if such flaw is mirrored back to you. Why don’t you work on it? Be intentional about reaching out to some important friends. You will be grateful for it and your future partner will not need to start working on this alongside with you. The aim is to get better. To be a better version of who you were. Take a pen and write down all your strengths and flaws. Pick each flaw and work on them but be mindful of your strengths that you don’t lose them while you’re working on the flaws.”

Last year, I stayed away from blogging. It was a crazy year for me. So many downs than ups, there were times I felt giving up. There were nights I cried in pillow and there were many tears than laughter. I wrote still, I edited a few manuscripts and I read desperately. I devoured books as though my survival depended on them.

I am hopeful that it will be a better year than it was last year. I will develop meaningful habits and do away with flaws ruining me.
Until next time,

2 thoughts on “Feeling Overwhelmed”

  1. Hi, Sweet Girl. Good to see you. Just hang on to doing what you feel the nudge of God to do. He will bring events into your life to fulfill your joy. There are those who will want to wound also. Life is bumpy but your joy can be abundant. Think how dull life would be if you didn’t have more than enough. I’m so far behind but I have some ability to choose. For that I am thankful. I’m choosing to stay up too late tonight because I want to do too much before I go to bed. I will pay for it tomorrow. I have to remember that is what I chose. Choose wisely so you won’t have many regrets. ♥♥

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