Short Story

Stories I Do Not Tell

Pants, moans and groans filled the room, sweaty bodies and the smell of sex filled the air. Cindy did not mind this lifestyle. This was the fifth man this week, one night stands all of them. The more she indulged herself, the harder it was to pull herself away from the thrill of having sex… Continue reading Stories I Do Not Tell


Dragon’s Lair

Dragon in chain Roaring day and night Dragon in chain Vomiting fire Dragon in the lair Keeper of the keep Treasures hidden beneath her feet Who can reach to the lair? Who can slay the dragon? Who is able to pull out these hidden treasures? The Dragon Roars again and again Protecting these treasures Kept… Continue reading Dragon’s Lair

3Line Tales


Walking through the old house, the silence was eerie. The hall was empty. I wondered if the stories about it were true. The swords hanging on the wall, the portraits of slaves and the calabashes. Music drifted from an adjoining room to me. I moved into the next room to investigate what was happening and… Continue reading Haunted