Stream of Consciousness

Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday

I pick up my bag each day, ready to face the world. All I got is God and a grit to succeed.
I may get back home tired, sad, happy or fulfilled, but when my back is on the bed I know I gave Life my best shot. 

There is another day. I’ll press repeat.
Sometimes, the life we live make us wanna cry but yet we hold it in. Who do we want to complain to? Sometimes, we just want to climb the highest mountains and scream for joy.

Life is a blend of the two sides. It is a shade of different colors.
I’m still taking one day at a time. I’m still living for a day.

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA, work has been crazy for me; soaking up all the time but I’ll find a way to work around it. I’ve missed blogging. Thanks to all new followers.

Until next time,


10 thoughts on “Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday”

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