Yet another soul

In the dark night As I lie in bed I hear the sound of the gun Another soul has been taken away Another life has left our earth. ©Booky Glover, 2017 ***** When I served in the Eastern Nigeria, I experienced this tradition. Once we hear the sound of the gun we know that someone… Continue reading Yet another soul


Beauty and Savage Beast

Once I met a savage beast He made me fall in love Everyone feared for me They wanted to protect me I needed protection from myself Who loves a beast? Who thinks he is harmless? ---- Once I met a savage beast Who fought for me Who defended me with his life Who protected me… Continue reading Beauty and Savage Beast

poetry, Stream of Consciousness

A Crescendo of Violence

Living to live Struggling to die Fighting for survival The path many have tried And many will still tread. --- They tear our insides They tear us apart with Many lies and schemes Our strength is zapped We have become lost in the jungle We are caught in a web We are bound in our… Continue reading A Crescendo of Violence