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We’ve got busy lives. That’s the way it is especially when you’re young and of course you want good living conditions. However, we need to listen to others. Don’t be self centered in your attentions. Don’t always think of yourself and what you stand to gain.

I read the post of a boy I taught last year on  Facebook this morning and it sent shivers down my spine. I had to write him a message in his inbox.


There are soo many things about me that nobody cares to know

The real me is hidden behind a facade

I really wish there is sum1 out there that is willing to know the really me

Not the smiling boy they always see

But the little lost boy that needs help

The little boy that strives hard to be sum1 on earth

To make an impact in life,To be a role model to the coming generation

But nobody gives a damn about that me

All they say is ‘ since ur living its fyn’ but little did they know that am dying slowly inside

I feel like my whole world is crumbling around me

I feel like my life is becoming meaningless

I feel like have lost my way,maybe am on the wrong path

Cos it all very confusing right now

All i plead for is that sum1 should come save this li boy that is drowning in worries

Before it gets too late,before i loss the battle,before i give up on life

Please let sum1 come rescue me from myself

It all i ever plead for,cos it all what i need.

First, I need to confirm if he wrote this or he copied someone else’s words. This brought my attention to our lackadaisical attitude towards other people. We need to rule our world, we need to infuse our world with positive vibes and puncture anything that it just not right. Anything that is unpleasant needs to be taken out of the way. We shouldn’t turn our eyes and pretend not to notice.

Stop and listen. Listen to words and actions. Listen to tones of words used and offer help, you might be saving a life.

I wish you all a blissful week ahead.

Until next time,


9 thoughts on “Stop!”

    1. I was scared. When he replied, he told me that a staff gave him the poem in his school. I no longer teach there. Of course, I know the person who gave him the poem. He is not a qualified teacher.

      The poem depicts sadness, frustration and suicide. Perhaps a reflection of his own life but giving such to little boys to read and memorize is so bad.

      That’s what happens when schools employs unqualified hands.

      Thanks for stopping by dear Oneta.

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