Fool’s Gold

They came for her She was the girl next door She was gentle Did no wrong She greeted everyone No one knew she was The secret wife Of the man who terrorizes our city No one knew she was  Aiding and abetting his crimes We all could have sworn That she was a saint We… Continue reading Fool’s Gold


Adrift Life’s Sea

Seven years ago, we met Our stars were criss crossed We were one of a kind  And the whole world cheered us on We were cast adrift life sea We had each other In the midst of the storm In the darkest night You could hold on no more ---- Perhaps we won't drown Perhaps… Continue reading Adrift Life’s Sea

Stream of Consciousness

Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday

I pick up my bag each day, ready to face the world. All I got is God and a grit to succeed. I may get back home tired, sad, happy or fulfilled, but when my back is on the bed I know I gave Life my best shot.  There is another day. I'll press repeat.… Continue reading Facing the world… Stream of consciousness Saturday