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We Were Friends!…Poetry

​The golden sun danced into the sky, leaving the wide land dark and formidable.

The shadow cast a sadness upon us and made us long for home again.

We were warriors far away from father land.

In a land we knew nothing of

We had come to serve

In one mind we set to work

Our backs bent in the task

Living one day at a time

It was a story we would tell

A life we had to survive

I met you and you met me

Partnership were formed

Secret crushes were built

Friendship that lasted for those days

We parted ways on the days appointed

Our hearts filled with memories

We smiled and laugh

We were the warriors in the jungle
We had served the land

Our toils we hope will never be lost

Yet we sailed for home

We left to journey on.

© Booky Glover, 2017


We lived under this building.

Modupe, Me, Yinka and Tope.

A friend inspired me to write this piece. We served our country in places we had never been to.

A writer is clawing her way out this February. Thanks for your support. You all are the best!

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