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Treading On Eggshells….#SoCS

I don’t usually make a practice of drinking alcohol. I don’t have a preferred drink either. Coffee, tea, Milk drink, soft drinks and Yoghurt, works fine for me.

Prior my service year at Anambra, I had never taken alcoholic drink. However, I didn’t really feel at the time it was wrong to drink alcohol as long as you’re drinking responsibly. You know your limits and you stop right there.

I was posted to a village and the living conditions were so terrible that when we were leaving for the Christmas break in December 2014, my colleagues and I were excited. We planned a small celebration. We got freshly tapped palm wine and beef. We had to go work in the morning. In the evening, Kenny who was our cook for the evening, fried the meat using a special recipe of his. We had a five litre gallon filled with palm wine and we had the fried meat ready.

The whole refreshments was ready by 7:00PM, however the palm wine was fermented by this time. I couldn’t back out at this time. I have been anticipating the drink and eating celebration since the previous day. We started eating and drinking. At a point, I noticed I was slightly tipsy. It was a great feeling at the time, we were all talking, laughing – couldn’t remember laughing that much, my friend, Modu lose her balance and fell into a chair and that was another cause for laughter.

I knew my boyfriend at the time do not drink alcohol in any form or shade. I knew he won’t be pleased to hear of my drinking and getting tipsy. This was a new ground. I felt like, come on Deb you’re 24 going on 25 and you’ve never drank alcohol.

I picked up my phone and called him. I told him what was going on. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket science to know he was infuriated but I didn’t care. I knew I was treading on eggshells and I could hear them cracking but at this time I needed him to still support me.
I wanted him to say, “Babe, you know you ain’t supposed to be drinking alcohol, I need you to stop and hit the bed.”
I was so used to sharing everything in my life with him.
I didn’t get any coddling, I got an earful and I knew my slurred speech must have got him further annoyed. I am sure this must have changed his great opinions about me. I’m not going to excuse his emotional abuses but it seems like it was one the things that started the breakup of the relationship in 2015.

I wanted to know what the alcohol drink felt like. I was tired of being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes, besides I was with trusted friends.
I had a restful sleep that night, though my friend and I had to wake up to use the bathroom in turns like three times before dawn. When I remember this time, it brings smile to my face.
© Deborah Glover, 2016


Stream of Consciousness Saturday brought to you by Linda G. Hill Thanks for the lovely prompt.

Enjoy your weekend,

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14 thoughts on “Treading On Eggshells….#SoCS”

    1. I was never dead drunk. I don’t think would ever know what that feels like, because the stories I read these days on WP about it is scary. Besides, I’ve now chosen to stay away from alcohol.

      Happy weekend to you too.

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  1. I think if you’re legally old enough to drink, then there’s nothing wrong with trying it, if you want to. As long as it’s your own choice, and not something forced on you, then isn’t that OK? I’m glad you had a good time!

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    1. My point exactly. Come to think of it, there are certain things my parents may not really like, however, they have learnt how to let me make my own decisions about these things. Thanks for hosting SoCS. It’s fun each week.

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