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Self Discovery

Sometimes I feel I am complicated. In reality, I am simple but I feel this way when I get overwhelmed by the things going on around me.

I have learnt to study myself. I started that recently. I have to go on a voyage of self discovery. I need to understand my deepest thoughts, reasons for actions, my motivation, my choices, my emotions. I watch people, I try to study them but watching what you do as a person might sound daunting but in reality it is really simple. When I notice something about myself these days, I just pick up my pen and write or use my phone simple notepad to jot it down then I add the hash tag SelfDiscovery.

Whether they are good or bad, I feel it will go a long way to make fulfill destiny than not having a clue….
©Deborah Glover, 2016



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7 thoughts on “Self Discovery”

  1. True Deborah. This helps us to stay aware of the trends our lives our following. We are not caught unawares by our tendencies, and we are getting better knowing how to deal with our weaknesses and establishing our strengths. Great thought!

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