Awed By God

🎊 Ever being in the presence of God and you feel speechless? 🎊 Ever being so awed by his greatness and his love that tears rush to your eyes? 🎊 Ever stood with other believers to worship and you would want nothing more? 🎊 Ever felt so awed by God that you literally feel him… Continue reading Awed By God


The Appointment 

Walking into that quiet waiting room, I suddenly have the urge to turn around and run. I tell myself I don’t belong here. But I made the appointment and the doctor has set aside this hour to … Source: The Appointment  Many times we find it so difficult to talk about the things that hurt,… Continue reading The Appointment 

3Line Tales

Favourite Pastime… Three Line Tales Week 21

She heard feet on the road, it's been ages since she had gone out to watch running in the stadium. People watching has been her favourite pastime. She rolled the wheel chair to the window, hoist herself on the window sill armed with binoculars and looked down from the third storey building. Behold a pretty… Continue reading Favourite Pastime… Three Line Tales Week 21