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Words of Wisdom #12

🌟 Be thankful for that little you have, see the beauty in small and insignificant things around you. 🌟 Live each day to fulfill your purpose let your activities each day bring you closer to your dreams. 🌟 Keep company of people who let you to be true to yourself; people who will not judge… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #12


Lessons From First Corinthians

My Bible commands that I do everything decently and in order. (1st Corinthians 14:40) Well, today's prompt orderly reminds me of this. I just could not shake it off. 🌟The first rule here is that everything should be done. 🌟The second rule is that these things should be decent and 🌟Finally, it should be in… Continue reading Lessons From First Corinthians


Music Monday #10

Music Monday is back after a long break. Enjoy the music for this week! ***** Colbie Caillat - Try Put your make up on Get your nails done Curl your hair Run the extra mile Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you? Get your sexy on Don't be shy, girl Take… Continue reading Music Monday #10


The Fool Says….

The fool says in his heart "There is no God." He never tells you When he runs in circles Chasing after shadows When the overwhelming sadness Fills his soul The Fool says in his heart "There is no God." His joy is faked His smile are a fad A trademark of pretense He struggles each… Continue reading The Fool Says….

Stream of Consciousness

The Press… SoCS

Since I became an adult, I've been in two kinds of press. A religious concert called The Experience and a secular concert called Rocktoberfest. I've been to both only once each. There's something intriguing about being in the press. The people voices when they sing together is so beautiful. Gospel artists are invited and each… Continue reading The Press… SoCS


Family Heirloom

Shiny not losing their glow Passed down From generation to generation Worn by different women In different places In different times Across Oceans Inlands Kept from prying eyes Preserved from hands that steal The family heirloom Representing treasure Showing our strength Revealing our virtue Establishing our identity In a world who do not care About… Continue reading Family Heirloom

WP Discover Challenge

I Am Sorry!… WP Discover Challenge

Open Letter of Apology To whom it may concern, Dear neighbours, I am sorry for the times when I didn't greet you from a distance. I am short sighted and didn't see you. The world is usually blurry and hazy without those glasses. I do know how to greet. I'm sorry your misconceptions about me… Continue reading I Am Sorry!… WP Discover Challenge


City of Bricks… Friday Fiction

City of Bricks He had no other intentions at heart, these brick walls must be finished before dawn. He set the men to work, no one slept the lights were on. The women cooked and some helped carry sand and cement, the children were not left out either. It was either this or the enemy… Continue reading City of Bricks… Friday Fiction


Dragon’s Lair

Dragon in chain Roaring day and night Dragon in chain Vomiting fire Dragon in the lair Keeper of the keep Treasures hidden beneath her feet Who can reach to the lair? Who can slay the dragon? Who is able to pull out these hidden treasures? The Dragon Roars again and again Protecting these treasures Kept… Continue reading Dragon’s Lair