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Mysterious Night… Three Line Tales

She sat on the quilt this was the third night she had been held captive. Dame said he loved her but indeed it was pure lust. He had her body every night. She used to detest it but tonight, she expects him with a fervor. She was ready to stop being passive and give him… Continue reading Mysterious Night… Three Line Tales


My Transition… Word High July

Yugto Yugto - A fundamental transition or  development of a story or phenomenon. As a child, I thought as a child. I enjoyed the simple things life had to offer, I knew no pain, no sadness. But then I grew, (sighs). An adolescent with a curious mind was I. I probed and prodded into almost… Continue reading My Transition… Word High July

Word High July

Farewell… Word High July

Pahimakas Pahimakas - Last farewell It has never been easy. I knew this time would come. We would part and go our separate ways. Only if you were sojourning to somewhere I can reach you then I won't feel this way. I know, the chariots awaits to carry you home but I feel so selfish.… Continue reading Farewell… Word High July

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Sanctuary… The daily prompt

Sanctuary Kincaid walked into the forest, the more she walked the more she got scared. She should stay and rest on one of these trees; after all it was the wish of the whole tribe to see her dead. She did not harm anyone, it wasn't even intentional but how could she have known that… Continue reading Sanctuary… The daily prompt

Short Story

Kinaadman… Word High July

Kinaadman Kinaadman - Knowledge, wisdom The gray hair was a symbol. The lines that creases at the forehead and beside his eyes were a sign. They told stories. They were showing how many seasons had past and how many things he had to go through. Looking through the window, he sees the young and understand… Continue reading Kinaadman… Word High July

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Second to None… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Our individuality is special. We write differently, think differently, each person is second to none. However, when we try to become someone else we become less original, that person takes first place and we second place. No one is you. You are second to none. ***** In response to the prompt "second" hosted by Linda… Continue reading Second to None… Stream of Consciousness Saturday

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Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria

Amihan (Day 21) : Word High July Amihan - Northeast wind, breeze Word High July Last week, I taught the topic Ecology and one important abiotic factor - Wind, in the terrestrial habitat. Wind is air in motion. I discovered in the course of teaching that class that the northeast wind brings harmattan to Nigeria.… Continue reading Harmattan in Lagos, Nigeria


Word High July : Kundiman

Kundiman (Day 20) Kundiman - Love song I searched my phone Looking for a song that I can call your own All the love songs don't exactly explain it They don't hit home It is still feels like a dream Tell no one That I smile to myself That I picture you talking to me… Continue reading Word High July : Kundiman


Word High July: Marahuyo

Marahuyo (Day 16) Marahuyo - To be enchanted I met him only once. I never spoke to him and he was obviously the ladies man. They flocked around him, trying to get his attention. I remember sitting a little distance away watching him. He had brown eyes. In these parts, most people have black iris… Continue reading Word High July: Marahuyo