Someone who inspires me

Day Four
Someone who inspires me
My father, Orewunmi Glover, inspires me.
I have had conversations with people who later ask me, how old are you again? When I ask the reason for the question, they say I sound older than I really am. Some people call people like me an Old soul. What do I even know about these things.
Let’s analyze this man who inspires me.
The truth is, I have seen every side of my father. He never hide his moments from me and the family. I’ve seen him angry, I’ve seen him show love and concern for people (putting their needs before his), I have seen his sad moments and I have shared in his joy.
He taught me that Life is a blend of many things, highs and lows, sweet, sour and neutral, I’ve faced his wrath when I do the wrong things. I have seen him pray for hours, I have watched him when he woke up at night to study the word of God, I have learnt from his humility. He apologizes when he is wrong. This he has done not once or twice.
His words are sharp and cutting, he therefore uses them with care.
I have learnt from him how never to procrastinate what needs to be done immediately. He taught me to be disciplined. He taught me how to set my pirorities right and follow them accordingly no matter the clamour for the unimportant things.
Orewunmi, is a man of integrity. He would say “What’s the worst that could happen, eh? Just tell the truth. If you say the truth, you would die and if lied you would still die so why not say the truth and let justice prevail.”
I am a refined woman today. I rise when I am bent and broken because he taught me to never lose my fighting spirit. Just the thought that he would die someday, bring tears to my eyes.
I can show respect to the smallest child because my father respected me even when I was a child.
I am because he choose to pour himself out.
When I think I am doing well, he’d look at me and say “You can do it better. You can be more than this.”

Today, I celebrate my number one fan, the man who inspires me. This is the man I call my father.
Until next time,

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