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The real world… #SoCS

The world is filled with trees, grasses, animals and people. Perhaps I will never know what language the trees speak or what the animals say to each other like the Disney world made me believe when I was a child but human beings no matter how real will remain a mystery.


Just this morning my brother told me how two students in the University he just graduated from killed a cat and her kitten. He described it in vivid picture. How the girl killed the kitten and how the cat head was smashed by her partner. I felt touched and sad. According to the story, the cat had been a regular visitor in the compound mewing and meowing disturbing their studies. I couldn’t imagine such cruelty, talk less of carrying it out. If it were me, I’d just sho the cat away.
In this part of Africa, there have been stories attached to witchcraft possessing cats and other animals like dogs, wall geckos, cockroach etc. Cockroaches and geckos are nuisance but Cats and Dogs? Now that is preposterous!
Maybe this is one reason why we never had pets at home and in spite of this, I do not have an hostile attitude towards those harmless creature. I never had a pet and I would not know what to do with one if I had one but one thing I will never do is maltreat them.
The real world is filled with cruelty in different colors and shades, the real world are filled with people interested in see exploiting you, the real world have people who do not care. The real world have selfish people who don’t mind about you achieving success as long as they are successful. However in the midst, I have found real people though few would love you, pray for you and never give up on you even when you are giving up on yourself. Those people are amazing, they make the world worth living.
This is the real world indeed!

Thanks Linda G. Hill for the prompt Real.
It was a bit difficult but my writing juices started flowing in no time.

Happy weekend y’all!


10 thoughts on “The real world… #SoCS”

  1. That is the most cruel thing ever. Here,cats are feared because they are sulposedly easily possessed. Killing a cat would never happen. We humans are a crazy bunch people.


    1. Really we are imagine, cats won’t be killed because they are supposed to be easily possessed in Kenya and cats are sometimes killed here in Nigeria for the same reasons. We are a crazy bunch, I agree.

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