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Jacqueline Hosts a Brunch

Oh this is fun And I want a bun It’s time for lunch Or better still let’s have a brunch A kettle of Cardamon tea And a slice of vanilla cake A sip of rich coffee And that bite of apple … Let's get together for brunch You're invited. The last time Jacqueline hosted a… Continue reading Jacqueline Hosts a Brunch

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Pang of jealousy

Does the heart ever understand all the theories ever taught it? Does it remember to behave right when it ought to? I have always prided myself as one with good self esteem and positive self image. I try not to let the successes of others to get to me. I teach myself that we all… Continue reading Pang of jealousy

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Photography: Lesson learnt today

I have contemplated for a while how I'd go about the photography assignments. I get the daily prompts in my inbox and it scares me. The rules and the technical know-how. I had to download an eBook on photography. You are not a photographer because you have a Camera or a Phone Camera, you are… Continue reading Photography: Lesson learnt today


My Neighborhood #4

I was at Ikotun Market last Saturday and it feels like the population of the place increases by the day. Then I also took the picture of a woman wares close to the road. That's all for this week. This challenge is hosted by Jacqueline, Echoes of my neighborhood. You can join us too. Let's… Continue reading My Neighborhood #4