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BOOK REVIEW: “Colours of Identity” BY Deji Adeyemi


“Ideas are great, imaginations are better.”
Why colours of identity? What are colours of identity?
All living beings have identities, shades of our individualities. I think these individualities are natures and colours of what and how we all
appear in.
Yet, the beauty in diversity makes all these colours combine to produce a knitted platform. These colours range from love to passion, from unity to cultural differences, from tears, sorrow and generally accepted definition of pain to comfort and family. Such a huge rainbow of colours!

A collection of poems

This collection of poems seeks to project these colours, providing a pictorial representation in words and rhymes. Thus, revealing the one and many identities of us as human beings in connection with nature.
Unsurprisingly, every poem, stanza, line is relatable to life and its identity. – Deji Adeyemi

This book weaves a fascinating story around life. We have seven colours of the rainbow and this is book is also divided into seven parts.

Sacred thoughts: Sacred thoughts poems are about deep seated thoughts of Deji. His musings and personal journey in life and his prayers.

Nature: This section is dedicated to Mother Nature, never have I seen her this romanticised. The discussion between nature elements and the fun they all have behind our backs.

Cries and Pain: This part mentions the cries of pain of people – the fair maiden and the young man; the child bride, those who have lost a parent, the path of freedom and price paid.

Love: This section is a eulogy to a beautiful lady in his life. When you read this section, you feel the love. This establish what I already know, a poet can love deeply and express it in a million ways.

For You: This section is for you the reader, a few friends of his and his mother.

I should pray for you: These are prayers, prayers for Christians, the poor, Nigeria and the World.

December: Who writes a poem for December, really who does this? Deji Adeyemi did it. He personalised December. When I read the last poem titled Congratulations, I felt that closure I usually feel after reading a good book.

Deji Adeyemi did so well on this book. He employed so many literary devices in his poems and the words kept sinking in and touching my soul in ways I’m sure he has no idea about.

Publication date: March 2020
Publisher: Conversation Series
Length: 110 pages (pdf file)
This book is currently an e-book and quite affordable. It’s N500. Visit his disha page to get a copy.

Colours of Identity

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