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BOOK REVIEW: “Colours of Identity” BY Deji Adeyemi

ABOUT THIS BOOK “Ideas are great, imaginations are better.”Why colours of identity? What are colours of identity?All living beings have identities, shades of our individualities. I think these individualities are natures and colours of what and how we allappear in.Yet, the beauty in diversity makes all these colours combine to produce a knitted platform. These… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: “Colours of Identity” BY Deji Adeyemi

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Book Collector

I am a book collector. I don't know if there's another name for people like me. Some time ago, I discovered I love reading to the extent that I panic when I discover I have no new books.I came across the word abibliophobia - the fear of running out of books. I have this phobia.… Continue reading Book Collector


Unrushed – the daily prompt

Slowly I hate to be rushed. That does not mean I don't set personal deadlines and try to meet up with them. However, I like to work at my own pace, slowly and unrushed. I like to take a step at a time. I prefer to do one thing well than have a million things… Continue reading Unrushed – the daily prompt


Bright Eyes

Behind these eyes Are pictures kept Good ones The not so good The horrors The beauty Bright eyes Seeing many days Seeing many years Working tirelessly To read To see more They burn at times They may grow dim But they have pictures kept In my mind They are my bright eyes. Photo credit: Deb… Continue reading Bright Eyes