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Life can be pretty too…Streams of Consciousness Saturday

There are days when I walk on sunshine, those are pretty days. The flowers look brighter, the clouds are a different blue and very thing seems so pretty and just in the right place.

This week has not been any of that for me. I got a new job as a secretary in a company, then I have a demanding boss in addition I’ve been trying to get a hang of how things run in the company. Oh boy! It hasn’t been pretty.

I’ve had to take pictures, take videos, write a daily report, make a few calls, and the list goes on. The work may not be pretty for me right now but the pay is.

Until next time when we do this again,


Thanks Linda for the prompt for this week. 

Prompt for the week “Pretty”.

5 thoughts on “Life can be pretty too…Streams of Consciousness Saturday”

  1. hmm, so this is how you feel , its a challenge! your new job will definitely push your boarders, broaden your horizons, fast track your personal development and help enlarge your capacity intellectually, if only you can adapt!

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