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Just because there’s no war… Poetry

Just because there's no war Doesn't mean there's peace Because we are not dead Doesn't mean we are living --- Just because we aren't crying  Doesn't mean we are happy  Because we are smiling  Doesn't mean we aren't feeling the pain too --- Just because we try to be normal Doesn't mean we aren't possessed … Continue reading Just because there’s no war… Poetry


Hello People!…an update

I wrote that yesterday.  I feel so lazy. I just read other people's work, admire their prowess and keep wishing. It's Christmas. I've had a quiet day hanging out with a friend and watching movies. I didn't eat much, but truth be told I am thankful for life. A friend of mine Debs has been doing something… Continue reading Hello People!…an update


Christmas Lights!

Christmas in the air Such a merry spirit Fills my soul I raise my drink to you I celebrate you my friends A king was born A saviour was given You don't believe in him? Well I do Does that make any difference Between you and I No it doesn't He preached love And that's… Continue reading Christmas Lights!


She can do this!

Help my friend Linda G. Hill win this Cover war. Click on the link and you get directed to the website. Please! ​C’mon, friends and fellow Bloglanders! I’m only ten votes away from third place in the Cover Wars competition for the week’s best book cover. I can do this, but I still need your… Continue reading She can do this!


Facebook Etiquette 101

Are you addicted to Facebook?

The Heart Advocate

So, if I don’t see it on Facebook, I miss it?

You are really not going to call me…?

I’m just suppose to read every word on every Post

Did I Like it? I might have…


But, what does that mean…?

I guess I don’t have a life…

I would have called you… to let you know!

We are not talking about a house party or something simple….

…these are serious Life Events that I am missing because no one talks anymore!

If I don’t see it on my News-Feed, I miss it?

If it is not on my Timeline, it didn’t happen!

If it is not on your Timeline, I don’t know about it!

Is posting a Status on Facebook the only way of communicating?

I would have called you…

 I can’t even get a text about it?

So, if my data is low, I…

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Tomorrow…All New Writer’s Quote Challenge

​​“I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow.” — Gone with the Wind – Margaret Mitchell. My poem - Tomorrow I'll get the book tomorrow I'll read that tomorrow I'll continue that story tomorrow I'll see you tomorrow I keep making excuses My tomorrow excuses… Continue reading Tomorrow…All New Writer’s Quote Challenge

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In My Soul… Stream of consciousness

My heart is split. My soul too. My head is bursting and I don't even know how to explain it. It feels like different individuals are inside. There are times when I am happy, jovial and easy going, at other times I am moody, sad and depressed. I bear this burden alone. The last time… Continue reading In My Soul… Stream of consciousness