Taking A Break


Hello great people of the internet and friends.

I have to say this. I have to do this.

I am going through a work filled mind, occasional blankness, overfilled brain, easy forgetfulness. It is exhausting. A kind of when your phone memory is almost full and the phone begins to hook and slow down operation.

My brain and body feels the same. A slow down in operation.

I look at the AspiringWriters Photo prompt, the Three Line Tales photo prompt, the unpublished poetry written in my writer’s journal, the untold stories, the book blurb I want to write etc. All the work is just there!

I need a break from here, no posts, no reading of blogs or commenting. I will be away for a week +/- and I’ll be back once I’m fully recovered. I need to declutter my mind and get my act together.

School resumes here in Lagos next Monday by then I should be back on point with work and blogging activities.

I know you understand.

I’ll see you when I return.

Pray for me, that I recover from this mind lethargy. Just a sentence to God on my behalf would do.

I love you all.


7 thoughts on “Taking A Break”

  1. Wish you a recreational break Deb! May all be at peace! The same is happening with me! I am trying to smoothen the tasks and time crisis. I hope the intermission helps you regain calm..Have a comfortable time! Take Care! 🙂

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