Lessons From First Corinthians

My Bible commands that I do everything decently and in order. (1st Corinthians 14:40) Well, today's prompt orderly reminds me of this. I just could not shake it off. 🌟The first rule here is that everything should be done. 🌟The second rule is that these things should be decent and 🌟Finally, it should be in… Continue reading Lessons From First Corinthians


Going Away

So I pack my suitcase You ain't gonna see me for a long time You got so used to me No more do you value  me My suitcase and I With a firm resolve not to take your crap Going to the place where strange faces Would make more sense. So I pack the suitcase And… Continue reading Going Away


Falling into the silence

As the golden sun Sinks into the sky Across the horizon birds fly Dark draws near Standing by the bed A cautious bed spread Smooth and soft A pillow, cover cloth and me So it's bedtime again Lying on the bed Trying to rest My tired bones and weary feet Then I remember Those Unwritten… Continue reading Falling into the silence

Stream of Consciousness

Half A Heart… #SoCS

One Direction sang a song titled "Half a heart". It is a song that talks about  missing someone else who represents the other half of one's heart. Many times  romantic songs depict an untrue picture of what we feel when we love another person. I've heard girls say, "My heart jolts when I see him,… Continue reading Half A Heart… #SoCS

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To my damaged friends.

To my damaged friends Who have being hurt Once and again. To my damaged friends Bludgeoned by circumstances. To my damaged friends Stab by betrayal From family, from friends. To my damaged friends Clubbed by pain From lovers To my friends all over the world Who walk this road With a chip on the shoulders… Continue reading To my damaged friends.

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Writer Block : My first challenge in the new year.

As the new year came in with it's pomp and gaiety. Fireworks, smiles on faces, partying and even people getting drunk. I found myself experiencing this writers' bane. I love reading and writing has been a part of me but I couldn't for the life of me understand it. Writer block. I have written three… Continue reading Writer Block : My first challenge in the new year.


This year? Next year!

My teeth rattles, the spaces between them aches, my flat stomach has no strength and I wanna get out of here. I feel so unlike myself. No soundness here, or there. (I just exaggerated there) Let me wake up in the new year! But that too, ehn? Holds things I don't understand. I don't even… Continue reading This year? Next year!


Back where I belong

Twelve days ago, I log out of my word press app and I couldn't log in. It was a technical problem or maybe it was an internet network issue but I was so frustrated. I did my blogging assignments each day faithfully and kept them on my simple note app. My only fan was Drew,… Continue reading Back where I belong