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ABOUT THIS BOOK WEST AFRICA 1967 The welter events of the civil war left an indelible mark which was visibly etched for a longer period of time in the eastern Nigeria. When the leaders of the Igbo called for a separation of the new acclaimed nation, Biafra from Nigeria; it sparked up a fire that… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW : “ECLIPSE” BY NED CHINEDUM NWABUNIKE

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Letter to God… #WWQWC

Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it. ~ Robertson Davies Dear God, Maybe writing this is such a foolish idea but I'm human. So human with a knowledge so little compared to yours. You have the blueprints of every life on earth and you know the… Continue reading Letter to God… #WWQWC


Living on a prayer

I wait everyday upon my watch I listen everyday to that inner voice I speak the words that should bring comfort to my lonely heart I pray every hour that these trials should pass With my whole heart in earnest supplication I plead I ask for a big break Alas, I am living on a… Continue reading Living on a prayer