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Words of Wisdom #11

🌟 Never lose your good character in the face of provocation or a bad situation. 🌟 Make the most of your time, utilize it. Each second and minute is important. 🌟 Be careful about the things you say or do in the presence of strangers. First impression counts and matters a lot. Even when you… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #11

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Words of Wisdom #10

🌟 Lying never brings good things. It makes you insecure, gets you easily caught, ruins your reputation and chases your valuable friends. 🌟 It is wise to listen to others. It is a virtue of patience. You get truth and lies, but while listening you are patient enough to know the difference and make right… Continue reading Words of Wisdom #10


Can you do this? One more time?

The never giving up spirit gets you to where you should be. Quote challenge Day 3 These three bloggers are invited to participate. Wandering Violet ( Me ( Diary of a daydreamer ( You are free to choose either to participate or not. The Little Rules are: * Post three consecutive days. * You can… Continue reading Can you do this? One more time?