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Dark Soul…Three Line Tales

Alex sat in the dark. The skies were very black and the whole village he could see from the hill which stood like a monstrosity. All the crimes he had committed are yet to come to limelight. No one sees the truth behind his smiles. The farmer daughter he raped. The old woman he stole… Continue reading Dark Soul…Three Line Tales

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The Treasure

She intends to read them all, her mother bequeath this to her. She sat on the floor and read and read and read.... As dusk fell, her stomach started to growl and her eyes grew heavy, her head droops as she tries to stay awake. Photo Credit : Glen Noble *  *  * Three Line… Continue reading The Treasure

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Turned tables

In the elevator, she felt so cramped, the boss had demand to see her. Sweat broke out from every pore of her skin, trickling down. Before the great conference table, she looked at the grave faces. "Congratulations, you've been promoted, Manager of ICT department." Photo Credit : Alyssa Smith *    *    * In response to… Continue reading Turned tables