Handling Rejection

Recently, I spoke with a client I worked for in 2018. I edited his manuscript, he churned out a good story and I was impressed. I had not seen his creative work anywhere. I decided to reach out to him and that was when he told me that he didn’t publish the book like aimed… Continue reading Handling Rejection


Can you do this? One more time?

The never giving up spirit gets you to where you should be. Quote challenge Day 3 These three bloggers are invited to participate. Wandering Violet (https://wanderingviolet.wordpress.com/) Me (https://minisculediary.wordpress.com/) Diary of a daydreamer (https://thediaryofdaydreamer.wordpress.com/) You are free to choose either to participate or not. The Little Rules are: * Post three consecutive days. * You can… Continue reading Can you do this? One more time?