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JIRO : True life story of a Nigerian girl

The ringing of my phone woke me up. I groan and stretch my hand across the bed to get it. I wonder who could be calling this early. I checked the name and it reads my superwoman. Yeah, that's my mom. But why would she be calling so early this morning when it's just 4:30… Continue reading JIRO : True life story of a Nigerian girl

Short Story

NANA… A short story

NANA “How can a mother fervently wish her daughter to join the convent and take upon her the sacred oath of chastity and celibacy? What?! Is her daughter a sacrificial lamb to her own God? What happened to her at age 22 when she was jumping from dark corners to meet father? Or do you… Continue reading NANA… A short story

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Street Sweeper

Photo Credit : Abiodun Omotosho She wipes the sweat from her brows, then pick up the broom to continue sweeping the sand off the road. Just last month, she secured this government job. Morenike must go back to school, Tunde must finish that apprenticeship and Tayo must write his final exams. She sighed. The burden… Continue reading Street Sweeper